Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Harvest festival

Here's a selection of what I've grown (successfully) at home in pots and on the allotment at work. Shiny homegrown peppers before they went under the knife - a record crop of five this year.

Tomatoes a-ripening - but they may yet end up as green chutney as the shadow of White City is looming a little longer every day and we are running out of sun.

Winter minestrone ingredients coming along nicely. Cabbages get a bad press - these brassicas are really beautiful plants in their own right. The red kale glows in the sun and the Tuscan kale is like one of those fountains children's entertainers used to make out of rolled up newspapers.

But the prize winner is - the one and the only Butternut Squash. The sole offspring of the free BBC Dig In seeds.

This might represent my most successful veg growing season yet.

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