Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Hot stuff at Chelsea

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Sunny and Chelsea Flower Show are not words I have used in the same sentence very often over the last 7 years. But today, instead of taking shelter in the floral pavilion for reasons of cold or wet, I was one of many people trying to get out of the sun. Hats and red shoulders were the latest accessories and the heat was the big talking point: wilting flowers and people. The tulips were suffering in particular. But at least the dahlia display looked less unseasonal.  It really felt like high summer and was hard to remember those late frosts barely 10 days ago.
There's so much coverage of the show everywhere that I'm not going to even try and compete. But just for the record, I'm putting my money on Andy Sturgeon to win best in show. His was the garden that made me go wow. I haven't actually been to the betting shop, and will no doubt kick myself if this time tomorrow if he is indeed the winner. But while Tom Stuart-Smith also deserves gold, Andy just had the edge this year. Those controversial copper irises (mutterings of do they work as container plants - YES!) - looked stunning, and the amazing heat of the day made them sing out loud.  

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  1. I love Andy Sturgeon, and his books! I have Planted and Potted. So jealous you live over there. I'll get to go some day!