Friday, 13 May 2011

Well hello poppy

Back home again and it's amazing how in just a few days the garden has moved on a season. Husband did quite well on his watering chores while I was away. The alliums are already fading and the sweet rocket is now positively luminous with purple blooms.  And sadly, the last petals on my favourite tulip of the year - the marvellously frilly Cummins pictured below - have crumpled and the equally gorgeous, crepe-like oriental poppy is now the camp centre of attention in my backyard.

Meanwhile, I'm even more behind with my potting on. This year, for the first time, I have almost run out of plastic pots. I must have gone overboard on my seed sowing - sunflowers, tomatoes, courgettes, chard, beetroot, marigolds, molucella, sea kale, basil, cosmos. Quite a lot for a small town garden. The loft bathroom-cum-greenhouse is full and the garden is littered with some of the lucky ones that are being  hardened off. I think I might have had a good hit-rate with my seeds this year.
Where will they all go? Some will go to a plant sale to raise funds for our newly inaugrated Friends of St Mary's Burial Ground Group and, the sunflowers will be planted out tomorrow in our monthly gardening session. So at least I will regain some pots...


  1. Your poppy is indeed very gorgeous! And, I think, more elegant than the usual bright red poppies. I've tried to be more cautious with my seed sowing this year so I have my fingers crossed that I won't have to start again with anything. I wish you good weather for your planting out session!

  2. Thank you Caro - unfortunately, I inherited the poppy when I moved to this garden, and don't have any official name for it. It's quite similar to 'Perrys White'.

  3. Gorgeous poppy. I have experienced a similar pot crisis this year, only alleviated by a mass planting out session a week ago!

  4. Hi Janet - yes, I'm relieved to report that after planting out about 50-odd sunflower seedlings on Saturday, I've been able to re-stock my pot collection...