Saturday, 24 April 2010

Tulips, tennant's and the graveyard

The tulips we coaxed into the concrete-like soil of St. Mary's Burial Ground back in October have arrived like a spring carnival. I'm not sure that 400 made it through the combined ravages of squirrels, November rain and frozen ground, but there are enough to make it feel like it was worth all the effort and subsequent aches and pains. And they are doing a great job of distracting from the takeaway wrappers, plastic bags and beer cans and bottles (can you spot one in the picture?).
I like having a burial ground at the end of the road. This might seem strange; I don't harbour any latent goth tendencies. I like it because it give us trees and green space, where there might otherwise be a block of flats. So, while some posh neighbourhoods have communal gardens, we have a communal cemetary. It's pretty full up, and there are no fresh burials going on (that might be a bit too weird), so it really is a peaceful resting place.
Council and Church don't pay it too much attention, so every now and then we do a bit of  Neighbourhood gardening.  Today, with Luciana from No 4, we planted out some of my ever expanding collection of cuttings and seedlings and some donated second hand plants. Plants have to be tough and left to get on with growing - and able to withstand bruiser dogs and the careless people they bring with them. It may not win any prizes, but it looks a little more loved than it used to.

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