Friday, 2 April 2010

Seeds and another city, part 1

I've been in San Francisco for a week now where I've found an explosion of colour and plants that has sent my head spinning. Wild lupins and roadside echiums; lush lollipop-pruned fig trees lining the streets; unpicked lemons dripping from front garden trees, succulents galore and California poppies, of course. Magnolias are in flower, and ceanothus; at the same time as bluebells; daffodils and tulips are the most outlandish of all. It's a cacophony of colour. Not our gentle, well-behaved spring palette of fresh greens with yellow then pinks and whites and blues...

The abundance here is refreshing and exhilarating after the long winter at home - but at the same time intimidating. Here you just stick something in the ground and it seems to grow with abandon. It feels like we have to work really hard in England, but maybe that's what makes good gardeners of us?

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  1. Sounds absolutely glorious. I want to be there too!!