Thursday, 30 September 2010

Chutney and cake

Sometime back I put out a call on this blog for courgette recipes. Now I can report that the last of the courgettes have been turned into a fantastic cake by me (I used this great Nigel Slater recipe), and into chutney by my husband.
The cake, as you can see, was not a pretty one, but it was quite delicious; although it doesn't do a lot to enhance the reputation of courgettes, as not even the keenest courgette-hater would be able to detect the presence of green vegetables in amongst all the lovely nuts and raisins.
The chutney is a different matter altogether. In the same way my husband is not the biggest fan of courgettes, I'm not a fan of chutneys (except mango, with a good curry). I admit this could be a long held prejudice that has its roots in cheese and branston pickle school sandwiches which I liked even less than school rice pudding. However, I have been converted to a good rice pud in the last year, so perhaps this homegrown, lovingly crafted, home-made chutney will have the same effect. The chutney is maturing currently, so I will keep you posted on that one.
Meanwhile the last bean is hanging on to save for next year's seed; the last three green tomatoes are ripening on the windowsill; chillis and peppers have been picked, the aubergines have long since gone into ratatouilles, the basil into pesto. I can't believe it's all over for another year.


  1. lovely cake! i baked a loaf of zucchini quickbread yesterday and it turned out more like cake than bread...and i agree, the veggies really disappear. wish i'd thought to add raisins.

    i can't believe it's over, either--well, not quite over here, but close...have you had your first frost?

  2. Hi Emily, try adding pecan nuts too, or walnuts, they work really well. No frosts yet. Some cold north winds blew through the other week, but now it's mild and damp again. Good to soften the soil for bulb planting...

  3. Oooh, I know that recipe, its gorgeous! That's got me longing for next year's crop already... I am balancing the melancholy that accompanies putting the last of the tomato plants on the compost heap with trying to work out which to grow next year.